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Introduction by Phil Norfleet

The original of the following letter is in my possession and was obtained from among the papers of my great-grandfather, John W. Norfleet (1833-1922) of Cole and Moniteau Counties, Missouri. The letter was written by Emily Norfleet, a former slave of Reverend Abraham Norfleet (1802-1870) and his wife, Margaret (nee Campbell) Norfleet.  Emily wrote the letter to John W. Norfleet (1833-1922), the eldest son of Abraham. Apparently, Emily had borrowed money from John and is repaying a portion ($10) of it.  Emily is the subject of a short biographical sketch which is also appended to this web site.

Transcript of Letter

Jefferson City, Mo.

Nov. 14th 1879

To:  Mr. John W. Norfleet, High Point, Mo.

Dear Sir,

Enclosed, I send you the sum of Ten Dollars.  It is the best that I can do for you at this time.  My Pension has been allowed and I take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness in affording me all necessary evidence in your power.

Very respectfully,

Emily Norfleet