Saint Boltoph's Northfleet Parish Church in County Kent, England

Norfleet Family Genealogy

Merton College, Oxford, the college of Master John de Northflete

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Special Essays

The following essays and articles concern selected aspects of Norfleet family genealogy.  In most cases, the essays have been prepared in accordance with Research Standards promulgated by the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

The Westward Movement Calendar and Dating Conventions
Norfleet Family Genealogists Causes of the Revolution in the South
Norfleets of Medieval England Norfleets of 17th Century England
Norfleets of Colonial VA and NC Old Norfleet Genealogy Chart
Norfleets in the Revolutionary War Era Early Norfleet Settlers in KY
Early Norfleet Settlers in Middle TN Family Traditions of Tidewater NC


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