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Saint Boltoph's Northfleet Parish Church in County Kent, England

Norfleet Family Genealogy

Merton College, Oxford, the college of Master John de Northflete


Official documents

These are digitized facsimiles, complete transcripts or abstracts of official government documents such as deeds, tax lists, wills and various court records which are significant to Norfleet genealogy.

Court Records Wills
Land Records County Tax Lists
Personal Letters Personal Memoranda


These are essays and articles concerning selected topics in Norfleet genealogy.  To the extent possible, I have tried to prepare the essays in accordance with NGS Research Standards.

Norfleet Background Material:

The Westward Movement Calendar and Dating Conventions
Norfleet Family Genealogists Old Norfleet Genealogy Chart
Norfleets of Old England Norfleets of Colonial VA and NC
Norfleets in the Revolutionary War Era Early Norfleet Settlers in KY
Early Norfleet Settlers in Middle TN Early Norfleet Settlers in MS
Family Traditions of Tidewater NC Early Norfleet Settlers in MO

Biographical Sketches:

John Norfleet (1699-1753) Marmaduke Norfleet (1700-1774)
James Norfleet (d. 1732) Thomas Norfleet (d. 1746)
Judith Norfleet Baker & Bishop Asbury Elizabeth Ann Norfleet Baker
Henry (the Tory) Norfleet (1762-1804) John Norfleet (1729-1812)
J. Frank Norfleet of Hale Center TX CDR Joseph Pugh Norfleet (1887-1978)
Robert Arthur Norfleet (1869-1933) John W. Norfleet (1833-1922)

African-American Norfleets:

Aaron Norfleet & the Nat Turner Revolt Slave Narrative of Lizzie Norfleet
Emily Norfleet Memories of Leon Edgar Norfleet (1930)

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