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Saint Boltoph's Northfleet Parish Church in County Kent, England

Norfleet Family Genealogy

Merton College, Oxford, the college of Master John de Northflete


Will of Mary Norfleet of Perquimans Precinct, Albemarle County, North Carolina

Introduction by Phil Norfleet

The will of Mary Norfleet, wife of James Norfleet (d. 1732), dated 12 October 1742, was proved in Perquimans County, North Carolina on the third Monday in January in the year 1742/1743.  The original of this will is on file at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh.  The will is in good condition and is the only Norfleet will, of which I am aware, that still has the seal intact.  On the seal a very faint image of a three-masted ship in full sail is still visible.  This fact was noted by Marion T. Plyler in his article entitled "Family Traditions of Tidewater North Carolina."

While it is not known for sure, it is thought that Mary's maiden name was Gordon.   Support for this assertion is provided by the will.  John Gordon and George Gordon both witnessed the will and the will was subsequently proved in open court by the oath of George Gordon.  Mary's husband, James Norfleet, had died about ten years previously.

A digitized facsimile of the original will is appended hereto in three parts as follows:

Will of Mary Norfleet - Part 1

Will of Mary Norfleet - Part 2

Will of Mary Norfleet - Part 3

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