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Saint Boltoph's Northfleet Parish Church in County Kent, England

Norfleet Family Genealogy

Merton College, Oxford, the college of Master John de Northflete

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Introduction by Phil Norfleet

The original of the following letter is in my possession and was obtained from among the papers of my great-grandfather, John W. Norfleet (1833-1922) of Cole and Moniteau Counties, Missouri. The letter was written by John's younger brother, Adam Campbell Norfleet.  The letter is genealogically interesting due to its references to several relatives, i. e., Uncle Lark (Larkin) Norfleet, Uncle Jack (John) and Aunt Virlinder Norfleet, Uncle William Norfleet, and Cousin William Norfleet.  The letter is dated 23 January 1857, at which time John was attending school in Lebanon, Missouri.  The letter concludes with a short note from John's sister, Ann Walser (A. W.) Norfleet.

Transcript of Letter

Cole County Mo., January 23 1857

Brother John,

It has been two or three weeks since we heard from you.  Eliza Jane got the last letter.  We are all well except Father; he is sick at this time.   He has a kind of colic but is better than he was yesterday.  I think he will get over it in a few days.

Cousin William got back from St. Louis at Christmas and stayed one month with us.  [He] brought no wife.   He left here yesterday for home; he was detained on account of the ice in the Osage.  He can cross now on the ice.

I saw Mr. Cherry last Friday in Jefferson [City] together with several other of the big bugs; he was well.

I want you to write us as soon as you get this letter and let us know when the school is out.  We understand it was out the first of next month but you have lost some time.  I suppose that is [because] the teacher quit a while at Christmas.  The calculation is for you to walk home, best plan.

It is very cold and has been for some time, snow 6 inches deep for a month.  The relations are all well.  Cousin Eliza has the sore eyes.  Uncle Jack & Aunt Virlinder is at Uncle Lark's or Uncle William's now.

It keeps us busy feeding and getting wood.  My quill is wore out and ink is out.  I'll buy a bottle next time I go to town.

/S/  A. C. Norfleet

Dear Brother,

I thought that I would write you a few lines, but Adam has given you the history of things.  John, if you get your education as good as Jim Bell, you will do well.  He has graduated and is gone to school keeping.

[I have] no more at present, goodbye.

/S/  A. W. Norfleet

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